This page has pictures of the GUN TRUCKS of the 57th TC. They were contributed by PAUL BADER a member of both the JUSTIFIER and ASSASSIN.

These first ones is of the PROTECTOR which was lost to us on 2/8/71. It was escorting a convoy of POL tankers between Khe Sanh and Vandergrift when they were ambushed on QL9. We lost "CHARLES HOWARD SOULE" that day. On that day LT. SAM HOSKINS, SGT. HEALY, and SP4 SAM BASS were severly wounded. They had a passenger that day. On board with them catching a ride to Khe Sanh was LT. SAFFORD of the 572nd "GYPSY BANDITS" he was also severly wounded. This guntruck was later renamed the "EXECUTIONER. The picture was taken next to the helipad or airstrip at Khe Sanh.

This is the "Little Protector". This jeep while not a guntruck was used quite a bit to help in the convoy escorts.

This is one of the ASSASSIN with a fresh paint job on her.

This one is of the ASSASSIN coming into Khe Sanh with a convoy from Vandergrift. Notice the truck from the 572nd TC The Gypsy Bandits,(the one on the right with the yellow nose) they always found a way to have their pictures taken.

Here is the JUSTIFIER with it's new paint job that just proves that ELROD may not be able to hold a 45 cal. very steady but he can hold a paintbrush alright

The next 2 are black and white shots of the JUSTIFIER, I don't remember were the place is but it don't matter anyhow. But I think the first one is either at Vandergrift or Khe Sanh. The second is at the company area looking south towards Quang Tri City.

The next one is of the JUSTIFIER taken back at the company area in QUANG TRI with it's new paint job.

This one is the EXECUTIONER after being put back together.

This next on is the DEVILS KID, I don't know what unit it was with but it was taking part in DEWEY CANYON II with the rest of us up there. The picture was also taken next to the helipad up at Khe Sanh.

This is not a guntruck but somehow the 57th TC got ahold of it. I served on it before I went on the JUSTIFIER. I was on it the day we went over the side of road on QL9 in SHERWOOD FOREST and EUGENE KENNEDY was killed. We used to call her the THUNDER TRACK but we didn't keep her long.

This is one of "The Sounds of Love". The picture came from the company yearbook that is on loan to me courtesy of Dave Burdloff. I think this truck was later renamed the "Protector" but I could be wrong.

This one is not a guntruck but was used extensivly to help protect the convoys. That's PAUL on the back without a shirt.

This last one is the "Assassin" 1968 with some damage from a command detonated mine. It was contributed by Brad Kelley aka "Jolly Green.